PRETECT’s ultimate objective is an injury and incident free workplace, and the focus on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) shall not be compromised to achieve any other business objective.

We as a company are committed to the fundamental assertion that all personnel working at assigned facilities have a safe and healthy workplace in which to perform their assigned work and that all work is performed in an environmental responsible way.

Furthermore it is mandatory for all functional departments within PRETECT to organize and conduct regular Competency Assurance activities in such a manner to ensure that all workers are covered by valid CA records to prove their present competency to undertake the job tasks they are given.

PRETECT business policies require that :

A systematic approach to HSE management shall be applied in order to ensure continuous improvement in the management of risks to the health and safety of personnel, and continuous reduction in the environmental impact of operations. Key purposes include managing HSE as any other critical business activity and promoting a culture in which all personnel share Prevent & Protect (PRETECT) commitment to HSE

A successful handling of HSE matters is the collective efforts of everyone through collaboration and cooperation between all the respective departments with active participation of all levels of management and supervision, and that this should be reflected in the organisational structure and allocation of resources

PRETECT considers that the development of positive attitudes towards HSEQ ultimately influences behavior and thus improves overall performance in terms of health, safety, environmental control, quality and productivity.

As such, PRETECT’s very own Step-Up Performance Program using the Step-Up Observation Card as its tool introduces participative initiatives and incentives to portray the positive aspects of HSEQ performance, as opposed to the more traditional focus on incidents only. Incentives and recognition are effective tools towards this end to promote HSEQ program visibility through individual and team reward, recognition and communication, thereby contributing towards positive motivation and fostering of a caring work and living environment for all.

The purpose of this procedure is to:
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Preventing and Protecting
  • Working closely with our Clients to ensure that we perform up-to and exceeding Client expectations
  • Continually improving our Operational, HSE and Quality practices, and evolving on pace with Oil & Gas industry standards
  • Ensuring that our HSE Management Systems integrate with the HSE Management Systems of our Clients, and support them.
  • Ensuring that our technical staff are fully competent to perform their job tasks safely and deliver a high quality service and product to our Clients.
  • Further endorsement of the above is clearly outlined within our Mission Statement see below:

    PRETECT strives to deliver our services at the highest level of Safety, Quality and Environmental compliance, through:
    HSE Policy
    Security Policy
    Quality Policy
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