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Mechanical Services
Pipeline Cutting & Prepping Services
Pretect provide Pipe Cutting & Prepping services that are safe cost effective in comparison to standard cutting/burning profile methods.

No longer do clients need to undertake lengthy grinding and cutting operations to prep pipe joints or cut sections of pipe when cold cutting methods can be deployed safely and effectively.

Using clam shell designs Pretect equipment can be located almost anywhere on a pipeline to allow cutting/prepping of the pipe using safe cold cutting tools requiring no flame or hot work requirements.

As cutting process generates no heat the pipe material as no material quality changes compared to using hot work methods, additionally the Pretect process reduces risks associated with hot working conditions.

V or J weld preps can be machined accurately to allow pipe joint set up to be undertaken quickly and accurately.

Pretect Pipe Cutting equipment can be positioned at angles to cut & prep joints where conventional piping angles are not possible due to pipe layout / pipe run.

Pretect as one of the largest capacities for pipe cutting equipment services in Qatar and our objective is always to exceed the client’s expectations through quality and performance.

Having an extensive proven and documented PTR (post track record) of successful on-site projects or applications and backed by an experienced technical support team allows Pretect field technicians to deliver quality services that clients have confidence in and rely upon over and over.

Our clients look to Pretect as a resource they can call upon day or night, 365 days a year to maintain and repair their plants or equipment to ensure they remain operating and cost efficient.
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