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Our Management Team :
Graeme Shirreffs - Managing Partner
Tel : +974 4418 2572
Fax : +974 4486 9931
Mobile : +974 3309 9600
Mobile : +971 561 711167

Email :
David Wallace - General Manager Qatar
Tel : +974 4418 2572
Fax : +974 4486 9931
Mobile : +974 5551 8164

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Clive Smith - General Manager Oman & UAE
Tel : +971 2444 2197
Fax : +974 4486 9931
Mobile : +971 56 174 7140

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Graeme Shirreffs commenced his oil and gas career over 35 years ago in Aberdeen. During the first 20 years of his career he handled progressive commercial and business roles at AOC International.

In 1996 Graeme moved to the Far East where he worked in Brunei and Singapore before joining Aker Kvaerner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Subsequently Graeme became the senior vice president for MMO business line in South East Asia and travelled extensively in the region securing contracts in Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia.

He moved to the Middle East 10 years ago to look after RBG International’s regional business. Late in 2012 Graeme and his partner Salam Petroleum Services acquired RBG International’s share of the Middle East business, rebranded it as PRETECT and have subsequently raised the brand through strategic joint ventures and partnerships throughout the region.

When not shuttling between the different countries in the region for business Graeme likes spending time with his family.
When time permits he also enjoys the action on the golf course and racecourse.
David Wallace is the General Manager for PRETECT in Qatar and also responsible for the company’s Inspection Division. He has more than 27 years experience in the petrochemical industry and has spent the last seven years in management. Taking charge of departments with over 80 technicians in both on and offshore facilities.

David started his career in 1987 as a trainee N.D.T at COMADA. His successful professional track record led him to become an Inspection Project Manager for RBG Ltd, Baku in 2007. Over the years his expertise in radiography, X-Ray Units, Crawler Units and digital Radiography has proven invaluable to the organisation.
Over the years his expertise in radiography on British Gas pipelines and AGI stations as well as that of digital Radiography has proven invaluable to the organisation.

With dedication and hard work David has risen through the ranks to become the General Manager for PRETECT in Qatar. He is constantly looking to introduce new technologies and techniques to strengthen the PRETECT inspection portfolio and is particular about the quality of deliverables.

David is British and when he gets time out from his busy schedule he enjoys spending it on a golf course.
Clive Smith is the General Manager for Pretect in UAE and Oman. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in handling operations and key project management roles and over 13 years of international experience.

Clive’s career started in the UK and progressive roles took him to Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Africa, Indonesia and subsequently brought him to the UAE.

He is a certified Prince 2 Project Manager with a proven track record in handling diverse customer base, cross-cultural communication and has exemplary leadership skills.

Clive is British and when he is not busy breaking new grounds for the business he is an avid golfer.
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