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Mechanical Services
On Site Machining, Taking The Machine Shop To The Work Site
Pretect operate and provide the largest capacity of specialist on site machining services in the Middle East.

Our machining capacity allows for critical machining operations to be undertaken at site and reduce need for plant to be moved to conventional machine shops for repairs.

Machining operations are carried out on-site with the same precision and accuracy of a machine shop but without the need to dismantle or remove equipment from its location.

The uniqueness of the Onsite machines allows for installation of the equipment into tight access areas or where it is impossible to remove the work piece to a workshop for standard repairs.

Offshore-onshore or subsea the Pretect Onsite machining services can be delivered to suit the client’s needs where a standard machine shop cannot.
Taking the workshop to the worksite through Pretect onsite machining services to undertake on site machining repairs is cost saving, efficient in reducing down time of critical plant as well as reducing risk when dismantling or loading equipment to undertake conventional workshop repairs.
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