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PRETECT and SPX Bolting Systems host Flange Integrity Management Seminar -
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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As further consolidation of our partnership with SPX Bolting Systems, PRETECT was delighted to host our first Flange Integrity Management seminar, in Abu Dhabi on 20th May, 2015

The invited audience included guests from Contractors and OPCO’s from across the UAE .

On display was the full range of PRETECT services including a demonstration of how these services combined with the use of SPX FlangePro software deliver significant benefits in achieving and maintaining the integrity of safety critical assets, through a turnkey approach to Flange Integrity Management.

PRETECT is currently working with a number of customers to develop appropriate work packages & pilot schemes for introduction of their Flange Integrity Management Systems & Solutions, which we are certain will become a key component of future network management strategies.

For further information on this event and how PRETECT can help you to improve the performance and reliability of your systems, please contact

Prevent and Protect LLC
1st Floor, Reem Investment Building,
Muroor Road,
P.O. Box 29482,
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel : +971 2 444 2197
Fax : +971 2 444 2198
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