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Mechanical Services
Controlled Bolting – Flange Integrity Management
Tightening any joint or flange with the wrong techniques or values can impact the integrity of the plant or asset as well as increase potential risk of damage or injury to plant or personnel.
Pretect operates a comprehensive flange management system and applies controlled bolting value/techniques to all flanges tightened or untightened which guarantees that joints are tightened to the correct value and that joints are compressed to optimum force applied.

Pretect flange management system allows operators to comprehensively monitor the progress of flange/joint progress throughout its application when bolting services are undertaken.
The tagging system process and computer logging records maintained during the implementation provide the client with a comprehensive flange management record and historical log of the integrity of the joints or flanges for future reference.

When the Pretect flange management system is applied during outage scenarios this allows the client to have a day by day progress report and have confidence that on start-up that the risk of flange leak incidents have been minimised.

Pretect as one of the largest capacities for controlled bolting services in the Middle East and our objective is always to exceed the client’s expectations through quality and performance.

Having an extensive proven and documented PTR (post track record) of successful site projects or applications and backed by an experienced technical support team allows Pretect field technicians to deliver quality services that clients have confidence in and rely upon over and over.

Our clients look to Pretect as a resource they can call upon day or night, 365 days a year to maintain their plants or equipment to ensure they remain operating and cost efficient without leakage or loss.
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PRETECT and SPX Bolting Systems
A Regional Force in Quality Bolting Services and Flange Management Integrity
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Press Release - Feb 2015