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It is an inherent fact in modern industry that manufactured parts and industrial structures can experience extremes in load and fatigue during their assembly and subsequent operational lifetime. With this knowledge NDT exponents had to devise a method or methods of assessing the integrity of in-service and construction products.

Non-destructive evaluation (NDE), or Non-destructive testing (NDT), enables the inspection of these components by utilizing methods that can be used to assess the integrity and detect code controlled tolerance issues that may affect performance and safety long before catastrophic failure without the requirement of destroying a number of products as proof samples.

Non-destructive evaluation or Non-destructive testing is a wide group of analysis techniques used in industry to evaluate the properties of a product without causing damage to the product. NDT/NDE does not permanently damage the product being inspected, it is a highly valuable tool that can save both money and time in the evaluation of the product required to meet safety and code statutes.

The aim of PRETECT is:

1. Assess Product Integrity and reliability

2. Prevent catastrophic failures, protect life, property and environment.

3. Assure customer of operational readiness.

4. Ensure customer satisfaction and continue to maintain customer’s worldwide reputation.

PRETECT have the capabilities to provide conventional and advanced NDT/NDE methods.

PRETECT are backed by our highly-trained, highly-skilled, Internationally certified examiner’s/Inspectors (API,PCN,CSWIP,ASNT,CGSB, AWS) to ensure each and every job is completed to our customers’ requirements and expectations.

We at PRETECT realise that to gain our customer’s trust and confidence we must continually strive to meet and exceed our customer expectations by providing an outstanding support service and constantly meet the safety and environmental requirements expected.
Inspection Services
Inspection Services - NDT Portfolio
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