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Mechanical Services
High & Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting
Our Service Capability Includes :
- Vessel & Pipework Cleaning
- Exchanger & Evaporator Cleaning
- Tube Bundle Cleaning
- Surface Preparation
Why choose PRETECT ?
Our multi-disciplined technicians are trained using methods approved by the Water Jetting Association giving customers an assurance of a quality service delivered to the highest safety standards.

Possessing extensive experience in all aspects of confined space work our technicians have the appropriate understanding and knowledge to deliver bespoke services to our clients. From the initial risk identification process, through task implementation, we have the capability to provide services in all kinds of confined space environments.

We ensure that all technicians are trained and equipped with the necessary P.P.E . All other equipment including breathing apparatus, ropes, harnesses, winches, carabineers and fall/rescue equipment are always checked before use.
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